The Origins

It was 1968 when Hugues Bernard, Count de la Gatinais, born in Saint-Malo in France in 1940, and a French navy officer for eight years, married Gigi Guarrasi, descendent of one of Palermo’s great families.The couple embarked on an exciting, intrepid adventure, modernizing of the cellars destroyed by the earthquake in the Valle del Belice.

The Count’s main interest was varietal and farming conversion of the vineyards,and three decades ago he began to add venerable French varieties alongside his native vines.

Now the project initiated by Hugues de la Gatinais and his wife Gigi is pursued by their son Laurent, with the same care and passion.

Rapitalà is one of Sicily’s most prestigious wineries and the undisputed star of the island’s renewed winemaking scenario.



The vineyards are Rapitalà’s most precious heritage, achieved thanks to the passionate work and great love that has bound the owners to this vineyard for over thirty years.

The excellent aspecting and soil composition make it possible to cultivate the vines in the best way.After the harvest, up-to-date winemaking techniques give the wines maximum personality and excellence.



The wines must be excellent and express the personality that only this estate can give. The Rapitalà philosophy is one of wines that express the flavours and aromas of Sicily.Harvest after harvest, since 1976.


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