ANERI was created through the expertise of Giancarlo Aneri, known by most as the prince of wine marketing. His career path can be well compared to a University Case History.

To be successful – Aneri said– you need to know where you want to get. When I started my business in the world of wine I made a project. I started out by choosing a product. Everything began with Prosecco, a versatile, fruity, fresh and sparkling wine that is distinctively Italian like a few others. A product that the whole world envies us because it comes from a unique devoted land nearby Venice and has no equal in the world. Nowadays Aneri controls the production of three vine farms that produce grapes of prosecco at the highest level of quality. We were honoured to have our Prosecco served on Juventus F. C. 100 years celebration, to the celebration of the election of the Presidents of the Italian Republic Ciampi and Napolitano and U.S. President Barack Obama.

From the precursor Prosecco, the range of Aneri wines has grown over time and now includes: a great red, Amarone Stella, a precious wine given as a gift by Italy’s former Prime Minister to the 25 Europe’s Prime Ministers on European Constitution signature in Rome in 2004; to the Great Eight of the Earth during the G8 Summit held in L’Aquila in 2009; Leda Pinot Blanc, a harmonic, fruity and elegant white wine, produced in Alto Adige; then Pinot Noir Ale, ruby red wine with intense and refined scents and delicate taste at the same time; Leda Gewurztraminer, a white fresh and fragrant wine, which also won the most refined female palates.

Gewurztraminer Leda Aneri a wine that can be easily recognized with eyes closed, yet it does not cease to amaze the palate at every taste. In our range of wines we couldn’t afford to miss a sparkling rosè from Sorbara Reny vine farm, immediately acclaimed by most influencial wine journalists for its characteristics: bright red color, scents of violet and lemon and a pleasantly fresh and persistent taste, like a handful of cherries.

These wines have been appreciated by Putin, Sarkozy, Bush and Cameron; they are served regularly at Palazzo Chigi, and Quirinale. They can be found worldwide at most prestigious and fashionable locations, at Four Seasons in New York City, Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Starwood’s Luxury Hotels, Orient Express Hotels, 5stars Sir Rocco Forte Hotels, Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, L’ Anima Restaurant in London, Cipriani in Montecarlo, Le Stresa in Paris, San Pietro in New York and Ristorante Cracco in Milan, just to name a few.
Aneri’s philosophy is to produce only premium quality wines in limited quantities respecting the tradition of the land, the vines and the good living.

If you believe in your product, it will be easier to propose it around the world. Like other manufactured Italian products, clients recognize and identify a genuine brand, when this happens, success shortly follows.


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