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As soon as Emperor Jun saw that the East Emperor was wounded, he stormed a few times, broke away from the battle group, and took back Hetu Luoshu. With a loud shout, the star array rose, and 365 big demons flew out of the sky, each holding a star banner and standing in a good position. The sky immediately sprinkled endless star power and merged into the array. Houtu yuanshen jumped fiercely, startled in his heart, and shouted loudly. Step by step, the twelve gods of heaven, the other Wu Zu rushed over, surrounded Houtu and stood still. All of them showed the true body of Wu Zu, and roared up to the sky. The evil spirits of heaven and earth rushed to Wu Zu, slowly congealing together. At this time, the Zhou Tian Star Array of the Demon Clan had already started, and the entire Lich battlefield was filled with stars. The witches in the array all looked at the starry sky in front of them with a burst of surprise. With a loud roar, the stars twinkled, and the stars in the array shot out a white light and strangled the sorcery clan. The sorcery clan, led by the sorcery, blocked the array, but did not hang millions of soldiers. Then there was a roar of anger, and a big fellow ten thousand feet high came out of it. Every step he took, he crushed a star. The East Emperor was shocked and said, "Pangu's real body!" Listen to that big fellow to cry only: "You kill my sorcery clan son Lang unexpectedly, I let you taste today all day God thunder." Then he put his hands together and rubbed out a black ball lightning. Throw toward the demon clan in the past, all the gods thunder, space pieces of fragmentation, to fly to the demon clan, send out a loud noise that shocked the world, and then a large starry sky suddenly broken, water, fire and wind surging,rosmarinic acid supplement, during which the demon clan, too late to react, was ravaged by the water, fire and wind into a long. Then, the big fellow raised his hands above his head and congealed a virtual shadow like an axe. When Qinglian saw it, she shouted, "Damn it, I'm too perverted. I didn't hear that Pangu, who was congealed by the gods, could still recruit weapons." He really did not know that, because of him,akba boswellic acid, Houtu had a primordial spirit, and this time Pangu, who was led by Houtu, had a small amount of consciousness. The big fellow holds high the axe, toward the front endless starry sky to chop down fiercely, the star space that the array method forms, groan, touch a sound to break open. Then the big fellow raised the axe toward the east emperor, the emperor this is because the big array was broken, was seriously injured, was Pangu momentum pressure can not move, see is about to split the middle east emperor, the sky suddenly frightened a dazzling light, fixed the whole Lich battlefield, wrapped Pangu real body, everyone can not move, "you wait to stop!"! This matter is decided by heaven. From now on, the demon clan is in charge of heaven, and the sorcery clan is in charge of earth. Don't fight again. Hongjun instantly appeared in the place of fighting, finished speaking, a wave of his hand to separate, Wu Zu congealed Pangu's real body, saw palmetto extract ,pumpkin seed extract, no matter how the people reacted, in a wave of his hand, all the gods were sent back to the palace of the cave, the remaining hundreds of thousands of liches on the ground, also disappeared in an instant. Without stopping, Hongjun went back to the Zixiao Palace. Qinglian looked dumbfounded and said, "This Hongjun's strength is terrible. He can easily fix Pangu's real body. I'm afraid it's not far from the way of heaven.". But I have to hurry up to become a saint. Then he went back to Penglai. [Chapter 16 of the Main Text: The Great God of Prehistoric Times Is Busy Receiving Disciples] The Lich war spread for dozens of years before and after, and finally came to an end under the strong intervention of Hongjun. All good books in the hot book pavilion reshuge. Com Lich two families suffered heavy losses, tens of millions of troops, luckily escaped the disaster, but only more than nine hundred thousand people. What a close call! Zu Wu lost a lot of vitality because of the forced condensation of Pangu axe, and Da Wu even lost countless losses. The demon clan is also having a hard time, not counting the loss of the big demon, even the two masters have suffered a heavy blow. Emperor Jun is even the incarnation of Hetu has been destroyed, but the strength is greatly damaged. As soon as the East Emperor Taiyi was hit by the explosion of fire and water, he was lucky enough to be blocked by the East Emperor Bell, but he knew that he had suffered a lot of damage. The East Emperor Bell could not be used in a short time, and his own repair was also a great damage. Under the power of Hongjun, the two clans will no longer fight, honestly return to heaven and earth, while recuperating, while enjoying the rights and status that they have paid a huge price for. The sorcery clan first overhauled the mountain gods and land temples in various places, and appointed sorcery people to supervise the flood and famine. The demon clan, on the other hand, re-selected the various big demons of the Star Array and named them the Great God of Zhou Tian, each in charge of a division. It is not enough for the demon clan to get the important place of heaven. Seeing that the land of flood and famine can not be started, it is necessary to seize the waterway. So everywhere in the river Daze, Dafeng River God Hebo.
At the same time, the master always threatened the dragon clan of the four seas. The dragon clan of the four seas had been content to enjoy themselves for a long time. They were not good at fighting with others. They were forced to bow down and become a God in heaven. From then on, they practiced the way of the dragon God and became famous for supervising the four seas. Prehistoric world after the Lich war, in addition to the loss of life, the environment is not damaged, after all, at this time the two clans struggle, is to fight for the prehistoric land. No one is willing to destroy the flood and famine, after all, if it is a piece of ruins, no one is willing to, is more than hand-to-hand combat, the means of destroying the world is rarely used. Without these liches fighting and plundering all over the world, the prehistoric creatures have been given a good environment for development. There are many spiritual beings who have attained the Tao or whose origin is unknown who have begun to appear in the prehistoric land and travel, but it is for the purpose of worshipping the teacher. The original Lich war, although ordinary people did not see, but also heard, such tragic scenes, but frightened a lot of people. As a result, people began to look for famous teachers everywhere, one for the mysterious method of practice. After the prehistoric world was different, many spiritual practices had not yet appeared, and the Taoism of those great gods was not as rampant as it was later spread. A lot of people, like Zhou Chengchao, rely on instinct to practice, swallow in the morning and spit in the evening, collect the spirit of heaven and earth, the spirit of flood and famine is full, and the growth of magic power is also rapid, but the practice of Tao is not improved, cultivating the Tao, but not entering the door of Tao, I do not know how many people. Second, I want to find a good shelter, so as to avoid the disaster when the disaster comes. If I get the protection of the superior, I can feel at ease to visit the Tianji Avenue and recite Huang Ting. The impact of the Lich War on the gods is more far-reaching, the powerful destructive power of the two clans, but it is really a great God to shame, as for Wu Zu's God Shazhen, but it is even more shocking, can actually summon the great God Pangu who created the world. All the gods were so frightened that they all thought about it. Wuzhuang Temple took the lead in announcing to the whole flood and famine,tannic acid astringent, and then closed the temple and thanked the guests for thousands of years. The two old tortoises were more deeply reclusive, and from then on they made up their minds not to go out except for the Zixiao Palace to listen to the lecture, and to understand the road well. prius-biotech.com