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Hearing Jane's words, Aunt Hu was stunned for a moment and then said, "Love, I really didn't expect that you girl is quite good at telling jokes, this shop is not our home, how can I be here!" "But." Jane pointed to the newly decorated storefront. Oh Aunt Hu took a look at her shop. "I don't know if I did something good in my previous life. Yesterday, a guest came. The guest said that he came on behalf of his boss and thanked us for making such a delicious breakfast for his boss's wife. He also said that in order to express his gratitude, his boss paid for the renovation of my shop!" Aunt Hu said, pulling Jane into the shop, looking at her own shop, a burst of emotion, "Rich people's ability to handle affairs is strong, but in one night, it's done, and it's so good, love you say is not!" "Yes!" Jane nodded, as Aunt Hu said, it was really fast and good. Aunt Hu bent over and patted the tables and chairs in the shop, "Jane, you see, these tables and chairs are really of good quality, they must be very expensive, the guest really has a heart!" Reach out and touch the tables and chairs. These tables and chairs are really much better than before. Alas! But at this time, Aunt Hu sighed. Aunt Hu, is this very good? "Why are you sighing?" Jane asked in puzzlement. Aunt Hu looked regretful. "When I met such a good guest, I wanted to thank him face to face, but the man refused to say who his boss was,bottle blowing machine, let alone who his lover was."? I am full of words of thanks, and I have no place to go! Jane smiled, "people do not say, really want to do good, generally will not leave a name, perhaps the boss's lover, will often come to your shop, if said, afraid of everyone embarrassed!" "Qing Qing, you are right,Beverage packing machine, which reminds me that no matter which guest, we should receive him with the warmest attitude, because every customer who comes to me may be our benefactor!" In the end, Aunt Hu kept looking at Jane Qing, "Qing Qing, you may also be that lover!" "Well!" Jane nodded and said with a smile, "I might be too!"! So, Aunt Hu, you're still standing. Why don't you go and cook my favorite noodles for me? "Love, you're right!" Aunt Hu walked to the kitchen with a smile and shouted briskly, "All right, get the powder right away!" Perhaps by the infection of this happiness, Jane's mood is also better. Everything in the shop is really thoughtful. The boss must love his lover very much. But also love so thoughtfully, love so carefully, she is really a happy woman. After breakfast, Jane went straight to the subway entrance. It was only at a corner that she was slightly startled. Because, just as she turned the corner, she saw Chen Nian get out of a luxury car. In fact, it was not only Jane who was scared, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine, but also Chen Nian. Out of the car, just stand firm, can not touch the defense, in front of the stand on the Jane. In such a short moment, Chen Nian froze and his face was very unnatural. Chen Nian! It was Jane Qing who made the last sound. There were a lot of emotions in her Chen Nian. Doubt, anger, proof. Jane, what a coincidence! "Coincidence!" When Jane said this, her eyes shook the car behind Chen Nian and pulled it back to Chen Nian's face. Looking at the car behind him, Chen Nian looked back, but his eyes were not on the car, but on the people on the car. The people on the bus, after receiving Chen Nian's eyes, the first reaction was to shake their heads. When Chen Nian's second glance passed, the people on the bus immediately jumped out of the car. The people on the bus got down and immediately walked up to Chen Nian. The man came to Chen Nian and waved at Chen Nian with a hard punch. Because the man had his back to Jane, she did not see that when the man shook his fist, his expression was more painful than Chen Nian, who was beaten by him. He closed his eyes and did not dare to look at Chen Nian. In short, he knew he was finished. He had beaten Chen Nian today, but if he hadn't, it would have been even worse. Jane is a little confused, this picture turns too fast, what happened in the end. When the man finished punching Chen Nian, the look of fear on his face had not yet receded, and Chen Nian gave him another hint.
The man looked like he was begging for mercy. Chen Nian lowered his face and looked at the man's frightened eyes. It seems that if the man doesn't do what he says, he will be in trouble. The man closed his eyes with a painful look on his face and several big fists at Chen Nian. I'm sorry, boss Hu, I know you are very angry, but my company has filed for bankruptcy protection, you can't do this! Jane, who was in a daze, suddenly heard the voice of Chen Nian. When she came to her senses, she found that the people who got off the bus were still beating Chen Nian. In Chen Nian's intermittent voice, she understood what was going on. It turned out that Chen Nian's former supplier had come to her door. A company, even if it goes bankrupt, if it applies for judicial protection, it really can't hurt people like this. Things in the business field are changing rapidly. Boss Hu, this is definitely not right. Beater, want to stop, but Chen Nian did not prompt him to stop, he did not dare to stop. The more people are beaten, the more miserable the people who are beaten look. However, in Jane's situation can not see the front, the real pain is the person who hit people. As he fought, he gave Chen Nian an expression of begging for mercy. It's just that Chen Nian always looks like you dare to go back. Chen Nian is still being beaten, from a simple point of view, Chen Nian's mouth has blood overflowing out. Chapter 755 almost hit the wife. Looking at the blood at the corners of Chen Nian's mouth, in an unconscious state, Jane's heart throbbed, and she did not think much about it, and rushed up directly. She pulled Chen Nian's Hu Yang, "Don't fight, don't fight!" Because Hu Yang has already formed the inertia, when Jane Qing rushes up, he has not been able to stop in time, looks at his fist to fall on Jane Qing's body. Chen Nian quickly pulled Jane into his arms, pressed her head down, not to let her see the outside scene, the other hand,liquid bottle filling machine, directly Hu Yang's hand stopped, he looked at Hu Yang's eyes, there is a taste of addiction. gzxilinear.com