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Before and after Han Fei's birthday, a lot of people did come in and out of the palace, and on the day of leaving the palace, Emperor Chengyuan had been with Han Yan all the time, and he did not know whether Han Fei had left halfway.. Emperor Cheng yuan frowned tightly and thought about the whole thing. At this time, Min Hou suddenly knelt down in front of Emperor Jingxi. Your Majesty, I am guilty, or I am wrong, I was out of that idea, did not expect Yin sister will be so decisive.. As soon as Min Hou opened his mouth, Emperor Chengyuan waved back all the people in the hall. Emperor Cheng yuan looked pained. "You said Yin Er didn't want to at that time?" Min Hou cried and replied, "Your Majesty, Sister Yin promised again and again, but Your Majesty also knows that Sister Yin has always been very affectionate to Your Majesty.." With deep affection. Emperor Cheng yuan hid his face in his hands. Even if he was the master of the world,ball valve manufacturer, he would feel extremely painful because he could not control the passage of life. Immediately, Emperor Cheng yuan muttered to himself in a hoarse voice, I asked why Yin'er refused to see me these days. It turned out that he was angry with me.. After this incident, Emperor Chengyuan could not blame anyone. He picked up the empress kneeling beside him and said slowly, "In that case, let's bury Concubine Han in the system of an imperial concubine..". Also Then the second young lady of the British government won't have to go to the palace.. The second young lady of the British government can not enter the palace,brass tube fitting, this is she has long been there, but buried in the system of the imperial concubine, she really did not expect, after all, she also gave Han Fei a crime of kidnapping the wife and children of the imperial physician.. Min Lu hesitated, "Your Majesty..". The matter of Wang Taiyi. .......” Emperor Cheng yuan had no intention to go on talking with Min Hou. He waved his hand impatiently. "Well, you tell him to keep his mouth shut. The vacant position of the court envoy is his.." Emperor Chengyuan took the lead in leaving this "sad place". Min Hou put his hand on Han Fei's cheek, which was not yet cool. "Han Yin, your sister killed you with her own hands, or did the palace help you avenge it? The palace is so good to you..". Become a ghost Don't forget to seek revenge on her. 38. Cut in half Min Hou put his hand on Han Fei's cheek, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, which was not yet cool. "Han Yin, your sister killed you with her own hands, or this palace helped you avenge it. This palace is so good to you..". Become a ghost Don't forget to seek revenge on her. Han Fei's death made Emperor Chengyuan feel guilty. After that, he never mentioned that he wanted to take the second lady of the British government into the palace. The sudden death of Han Fei caught the British government by surprise. The British had only been away from Beijing for a few days, and he had never expected such a mess. As soon as he entered the capital, he heard a report from the people in the mansion that Han Fei in the palace had died of illness. It was the daughter whom the Duke of England had held in the palm of his hand since he was a child. How could he accept that a white-haired man should send a black-haired man? After a little investigation, the British found that her wife had pretended to be critically ill a few days ago and asked Yin'er to go home? Ridiculous! This is ridiculous! The British public thought that this matter must have something to do with Liu and Han Yan. As soon as they arrived at the mansion, they went straight to the main courtyard. The British man kicked the door open and saw the two crying women hugging each other. Say! What's wrong! Liu Shi! Make it clear to me today! Liu Shi knew that he could not hide it, after all, the British Duke was the last backer of their mother, so he cried and confessed all the things that had happened. The British public was so furious that they went straight forward and kicked Liu Shi. Stupid woman! Being used without knowing it! My poor Yin died at the hands of her own sister! Han Yan never wanted to kill her sister. She just wanted to go to the palace. Looking at her father burning with anger, she cried and begged for mercy: "Yan'er won't go to the palace!"! Father! Yan'er is really not going to the palace! Yan'er knew she was wrong, really knew she was wrong.. Yan'er really never wanted to return her sister's life. ! It was Minhou who said that the prescription was good for the body.. The British simply laughed angrily.
"Into the palace?"? How can you still want to go to the palace? I'm afraid it's Minhou! I never wanted you in the palace in the first place! She's just using your hand to get rid of your elder sister, get rid of our British government, and then get rid of Jingzhi to make room for her son! You did it! It's really good! OK! Ok Such words, which are absolutely not allowed to speak to people on weekdays, are almost shouted out by the British public. As soon as Liu Shi saw that the British Duke was really angry, he quickly hugged his daughter and said, "Sir, don't scare Yan'er. She's already blamed herself enough. I don't think it's so serious.." The Duke of England raised his hand and grabbed Liu by the neck. He gnashed his teeth and said, "It's not so serious."? You tell me first, Yin's life! Can you compensate me! Can you? Liu's face gradually turned purple, as if with a little effort, he could cut off his breath. Seeing this, Han Yan threw herself on the British man. "Father, what are you doing?"! Are you going to kill your mother? You let go quickly! The British gave her a cold look. "I don't have a daughter like you. From tonight, you will go to the Wanguo Temple in Dingzhou to pray for your sister. Never come out again." Han Yan thought that her father had lost a daughter, even if she was angry again, she should not be difficult for her. She didn't expect her father to ask him to go to Wanguo Temple for the rest of his life? Before Han Yan could beg for mercy, she heard someone outside asking to see the Duke of England. When the British prince turned out of the main courtyard, he saw a woman wearing a curtain hat. When the man took off his veil, it was the queen of Chaomin. British justice when the pain of losing her daughter, where she is not the queen, direct anger: "What are you doing?" Min Hou sneered,38 tube fitting, "How dare the Duke of England talk to this palace like that?"? This palace has received an oral order from His Majesty to appease the British family.. The British public's hands could not stop trembling. "You demon queen, demon queen!" "The Duke of England should think about what to do now. Your good daughter murdered the imperial concubine. The palace helped you suppress it for the time being, but..". I don't know about this palace Will this matter be exposed to your majesty in the future? 。 chinaroke.com