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Ding ran crisp ring, the sword is as flexible as a dragon, but at the moment involuntarily to the left, Wang Shan can not help, suddenly followed forward, the whole person like eighty old Niang tripped over the hard threshold to Qi Yu. It's all right. If you can't kill him, you have to pinch him to death. However, when the other side opened his hands to pinch Qi Yu's neck, a feminine spirit had rolled up to his hands. It seemed invisible, but I could feel it-the ribbon rolled him around and wrestled him to the ground again. Ouyang Bukong had picked up Qi Yu in this gap, and there was no stagnation. He pointed his feet to the back of the chair, pulled himself out more than ten feet higher, and swept to the roof, ready to rescue Qi Yu first or hide in a secret place, and then come back to save the others. Just as he was falling towards the roof, the floating shadows of the invisible and unfathomable world had crashed towards him. The man's skill is so high that even Ouyang Bukong can't resist it. He did not make a move, but when the air current met, it was like two empty Taishan mountains colliding, and the force of the explosion shook the viscera, as if to destroy the pain of the heart and liver. Ouyang Bukong snorted and fell to the ground with Qi Yu. Fortunately, he was experienced enough to put aside Qi Yu first,x56 line pipe, and after he fell to the ground, he reached out to take Qi Yu, so as to avoid the possibility of falling to the ground. Although he landed safely, the surprise and disbelief on his face had hidden the pain of the shock of his palm. The man inside the black suit had posed in the air, his hands on his back, his attitude was calm, and he could still descend unhurriedly in the air. That kind of softness and elegance is really like a red maple leaf falling quietly in the snow,321 stainless steel sheet, and then lying quietly in the snow. The night man also stood quietly on the ground. Ouyang did not know that it was impossible to take Qi Yu away, so he had to put him aside first. With a wry smile, he also puffed out his chest, and a sense of awe and majesty followed. Compared with the bearing of the man in black, it is not inferior. Your Excellency has a profound skill! "Where?" Although the man in black was chuckling indifferently, his eyes were cold, but there was a hint of murder. "Who doesn't know that Ouyang Bukong's martial arts are the best in the world?" "I'm a little dwarfed by you." "I haven't seen you for years, but you're still so modest!" "Not modesty, but self-knowledge." Wang Shanfu had already picked up his long sword and pointed it fiercely at Ouyang Bukong, but he did not move. He shouted impatiently to the man in black, "Kill him, and we will capture Qi Yu." The man in black said with a smile, "Don't worry, commander. If you know he's Yang Xiaoxie's master, you should know he's not easy to deal with. You can sweep the battle first, uns s31803 sheet ,316l stainless steel pipe, and I'll do it." Suddenly heard that this person is Yang Xiaoxie's master, Wang Shanfu that still dare to show off? Better get out of the way. Yang Xiaoxie is already so good, not to mention his master? Although the heart thinks so, the mouth still does not forgive a person, harsh way: "Do you dare to stop this king?"? How can I kill you? A guy who doesn't know whether he's alive or dead! Cursing a few words, he had retreated to the man in black who had not been killed by Ouyang Bukong before, and his violent and crazy state remained unchanged. Ouyang Bukong was too lazy to pay attention to him. He looked at the man in black and smiled indifferently. "In the martial arts world, besides the martial arts fanatic, you are the one I met with the highest martial arts!" "Thank you!"! I will benefit from it endlessly. "Who will you be?" The man in black chuckled: "Maybe after today, you will know who I am!" " Ouyang Bukong couldn't imagine that there was such a person in Jianghu, and he had an extraordinary bearing in every move. He must be a nobody. He couldn't help looking at him twice more to see some clues. "I think you should put your mind on how to protect Qi Yu," said the man in black. "It seems superfluous to spend money guessing who I am." Ouyang Bukong raised his head slightly and said, "With your martial arts, it's easy to command the martial arts world. Why do you still want to attack Daming Jiangshan?" "I'm just helping Wang Shan." Ouyang Bukong smiled indifferently. "Isn't it too strange for you to say that?" The man in black gazed, and the cold light flashed again. Then he chuckled, "That's what Wulin is all about. It's all right for a change." Ouyang Bukong smiled with a little satisfaction.
"How long have you been planning this?" "Long, perhaps more than ten years, short, two or three years!" The man in black said, "People always spend a little time fantasizing about things that are hard to do, so it takes a long time." "So.." It's only been three years since you started planning to act? Or shorter? "Strictly speaking, only one year." "One year.." Ouyang Bukong hesitated for a long time and murmured, "a year ago." It was almost the time when the Black Turban Killer was destroyed. He asked, "What do you have to do with the Celestial Spirit Sect?" "The situation is like fire and water." "So you're using them?" The man in black answered with a laugh, but he thought about it and said, "I wanted to break through the city wall first and capture Qi Yu, and then the army from all sides would come, and then I would fight with him first, so that both sides would be hurt, and then I would come forward to clean up the mess." With a gentle smile, he said, "I didn't expect to retreat so much first." "You still took advantage of the situation?" The man in black smiled. Aren't you afraid that the army will return to save itself? Or do you attack first and then? "Don't you know that you have to retreat in a hurry?"? Maybe Yang Xiaoxie has torn down the Waci Palace! As for the return of the Ming army. The man in black smiled indifferently, with a flat tone, but implied confidence. "It doesn't pose a threat to me." "You have an army?" "No!" The man in black chuckled, "but there are hands!"! A more effective hand than the army! "Oh?" Ouyang Bukong is looking at, double day concentration, "you already set up a gang?" The man in black chuckled and asked, "What do you think?" Ouyang Bukong also smiled: "What about the strength of the first fort in Wulin?" The man in black suddenly raised his head and laughed, and the laughter was full of contempt and pride, which was different from the previous elegance. Laughter is not exhausted, suddenly the courtyard left wing Xuan corridor has swept out a white shadow. Xiaoding is eager to arrive. Anxious eyes search: "Grandpa!"! Not good! There was an ambush. When Ouyang Bukong saw her, he was even more anxious. "Han Ling, get out of the way!" Without knowing the secret of the man in black, an arrow has attacked the man in black. As soon as Xiaoding Shuangri touched this scene, he was stupefied, and his body was also stunned. He was in a panic: "Did they also fall into the South China Sea immortals?!" Fearing that the situation would change,uns c68700, the man in black said coldly, "Commander Wang, make a quick decision!" 。 lksteelpipe.com