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The two sides did not introduce each other, but Sha yuan sent Ye Han the introduction of police officer Wen. It should be. The middle-aged policeman's expression was heavy. "Let's start now." "Good." Ye Han nodded, "Xiao yuan, you introduce the situation to Officer Wen." "Yes!" Xiao yuan turned sideways. "Officer Wen, this way." Police officer Wen had already seen the armored car, but he still followed Xiao yuan to the vicinity of the armored car, put on white gloves and entered the car to check the situation in detail. More than half an hour later, police officer Wen indicated that Xiao yuan could move the body out of the car, but asked to be more careful when moving, only along the designated route. Ye Han personally moved the four bodies out of the car and put them together neatly. After a brief farewell, he stripped the armor and cremated the bodies on the spot. The flames were flaming, and the jumping light of the fire was reflected on Ye Han's face. He turned his head and asked, "Officer Wen, have you found the evidence?" Police officer Wen said: "More than 100 fingerprints were found, but according to the situation at the scene, the possibility of leaving evidence in the car is very small. Some footprints were found outside the car. After excluding military shoes, it is possible to find the footprints of the suspect." "So no useful evidence has been found?" Ye Han's tone is not good. Police officer Wen was unmoved: "There are very few useful ones. At present, only fingerprints have detection significance,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, but Shayuan is short of electricity and has no network, so it is impossible to compare with the database of Beidu." "Give us the data comparison, and you just have to make sure that all the fingerprints are the same." Ye Han's request to the police is so much. At present, the insect plague is raging, the police accept the management of the military, is an important force to resist giant insects everywhere, it is impossible to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to solve the case as before the disaster. Don't worry,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, this is my profession. Officer Wen said, "I have to look carefully at the situation nearby." Ye Han nodded, but suddenly remembered something and called Officer Wen: "Wait, Officer Wen, is there a terrorist organization near Shayuan?" The plague of insects is far more than the disaster itself for human society. Up to now, the number of people who have died under the insect population has reached tens of millions, and the social chaos caused by the plague of insects has also caused a large number of people to die. Despite the efforts of the government and the military, the loss of innocent lives is beyond human control. Some extreme families of the victims believed that the death of their loved ones was due to the inaction of the government and the military, and therefore they hated the government and the country. In addition, the government allowed civilians to hold guns in order to fight against giant insects, which provided the basic conditions for the birth of terrorist organizations. Undeniably, some areas did not cope well with the outbreak of the pest disaster, and many people should not be killed or injured, Flushometer valve ,Time Delay Faucet, but the country's efforts to fight the pest disaster are obvious to all, and no rational person will count the casualties of relatives and friends on the country. However, various terrorist and violent organizations have sprung up all over the country, with hundreds of people of all kinds, and with the encouragement of people with ulterior motives. The crimes committed by these organizations in destroying public facilities, seizing supplies, killing ordinary people and attacking military and police officers on duty are too numerous to record. Although the military and police's crackdown on illegal armed groups is equivalent to cracking down on giant worms, these organizations are hidden among ordinary people, and it is very difficult to crack down on and reconnoitre them. In addition, giant worms involve too much energy of the military, so they have been unable to completely eradicate terrorist organizations. Ye Han had just noticed that all the weapons in the armored vehicle were missing, even the pistol carried by the victim was missing. Attacking the military and police to seize weapons is very much in line with the behavior of terrorist organizations. Police officer Wen shook his head: "This place is no longer under the management of Shayuan, but Shayuan is close to the border. It was not a peaceful place in the past. It is too simple to hide a terrorist organization along such a long border." Ye Han nodded: "Thank you." "No." Officer Wen went to the armored car and began to check the situation nearby. Ye Han shouted to Xiao yuan and said, "You are responsible for collecting the ashes and armor of your brothers. Maybe you can find something useful in the armor." Xiao yuan's eyes flashed and he nodded heavily.
At dinner time, police officer Wen finally finished his work. Xiao yuan and others immediately entered the armored vehicle at Ye Han's signal. After removing the data storage device in the armored vehicle, they towed the armored vehicle away from the high-voltage tower and carried out blasting to ensure that the wreckage would not reveal any secrets before returning to the armoured vehicle. If the attackers were targeting mobile soldiers, they would have got what they wanted long ago, and it would be useless to demolish the wreckage of armored vehicles. However, there are still some secret military equipment in the wreckage, which can not be dismantled, but can only be destroyed by explosives. By this time, Ye Han had been able to evacuate with his troops, but Chi Wei had no news, which made Ye Han very worried. What if Chi Wei happens to enter the radio interference range when he finds the enemy? Afraid of exposing Chi Wei's location through radio contact, Ye Han simply called out real-time satellite images, calculated the speed and time of departure according to the direction of Chi Wei's departure, delimited the possible range of arrival during this period, and searched for the traces of the two men by satellite. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but in addition, Ye Han really can not think of a more appropriate way. The armor itself is equipped with satellite positioning devices, but turning off the positioning armor is also part of the radio silence. The plane left on the road has contacted Ye Han many times, explaining that there is no light navigation on the road, once it is dark, the plane can not take off, hoping that Ye Han will return to the road before dark. Without definite information and the pilot's urging, Ye Han had to order the troops to return. Back on the road, the sun was about to go down, and there was still no news of Chi Wei. Ye Han ordered an armored vehicle to board the plane with the ashes of the dead and the power armor, and asked the plane to fly straight to the power armor yard after taking off. Ye Han himself stayed behind with armored vehicles, refueling and doubling supplies, and planned to return to the site of the incident to wait for news of Chi Wei. Chapter 0498 blood debt. At about 20 p.m. that night, Ye Han,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, who had been waiting for a long time, finally received a fleeting positioning signal. The signal was located more than 70 kilometers north and lasted less than half a second, so as to avoid exposing the position to the maximum extent. cnkexin.com