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“You have slayed an enemy!” At the same time, the fox WREQ controlled by Jiang Yan ignites a whole set of damage and takes away the vampire with half blood looking for a chance to go home. She glanced at the Mantis on the screen, who had strolled through the middle calmly. This brother has something! It's very spiritual. This operation, this wild routine, is probably a fan of my male God, and this sentence comes to her mind at the moment. After taking a blood, the mantis could not stop the car to send the opposite road home, the rhythm wave flew, after a few minutes, the data was already 7 kills, 0 kills and 3 assists. But he has never caught the middle, in the single vampire has been killed three times by the fox, probably he felt that the old Qin vampire will never be able to help up. After the screen turned black and white again, Qin Luge shed tears in his heart. In the chat of all the people on the public screen, he wrote a few words with trembling hands: "Sister!"! Cry, I'm convinced! Teammates burst into laughter and sent it on the public screen. Little sister, he's been hit so hard that his hands are off the keyboard. "Ha ha!" I cried,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, too. The opposite wild father begged to let go. “+1……” The other player has given up the treatment and chatted on the public screen of the game. At the moment, the vampire was chased by the fox all the way, a little boring, so Jiang Yan did not chase again, but through his own vision watching the vampire from the river around the blue buff to return to the tower, walked half back around the three wolves, and back around to their own base,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, before returning to the tower to repair the knife, this look afraid of where a fox jumped out to send him home. ……” Jiang Yan is confused. What is he doing? So she tapped the keyboard. A bucket of Jiang Shan throws you in the face: "Brother, are you checking the steps of WeChat?" After two seconds, a series of "hahahahahaha" flooded the screen. Jiang Chixiu glanced at the screen and bent his lower lip imperceptibly. Blue (Qin Luge): "…" There is no doubt that the first round ended in 15 minutes, and the three calabash brothers inexplicably did nothing to win the two masters, two kings and one platinum. Qin Luge sighed to the people on the side: "To cultivate God is to cultivate God. As expected, not a blade of grass grows wherever you go." Jiang Chixiu's indifferent tone contained a little irony: "You are a natural collapse, and it has nothing to do with me." On this side of the game, Qin Luge was also ridiculed crazily by his teammates. Disgraced, brother Qin, killed three times by his sister alone! Under the fear of being "thrown in your face by a bucket of Jiang Shan", Qin Luge held his black-framed glasses and pretended not to hear. And happily played a few, micro gear motor ,24v Gear Motor, "Cox J" and "a bucket of Jiang Shan throw you in the face" in the field linkage is too good, so the three calabash brothers proudly sent a screenshot of a green record to the circle of friends: "Oh, the king master is just so so!" Boiled Basa Fish: It hurts to be abused by you. Compensate me for a meal. A Bucket of Ginger in Your Face: Blackmail? Boiled Basa Fish: Uh-huh, I'll go to your house in a few days. A bucket of Jiang Shan throws you in the face: Come on. Boiled Basa Fish: Yan Yan, let me tell you something about VX. The author has something to say: a bucket of Jiang Shan throws you in the face: Brother, you have something to do with this operation. Did you watch the video of my game of cultivating God? Cox J: (silence). Chapter 4 Jiang Yan turned off the computer and saw that the people on the side were still not satisfied. While she was replying to the message, she quietly opened the hearthstone and wanted to rub it. A roar: "Don't hurry to turn off the washing vegetables and rice!" " "Pa-" Jiang Chen completed the target in seconds in the threat of evil forces. Sometimes, it's not that you can't do a lot of things, it's just that you don't have the motivation to move forward. After Jiang Chen ran to the kitchen, Enron sent a WeChat voice call. Yan Yan. "Mmm." Jiang Yan stretched himself and put his foot on the chair leisurely. On the other end of Wechat, Enron said mysteriously, "I want to tell you something." Jiang Yan picked his fingernails. "What's the matter?" "Just.." I have a boyfriend! “……” Jiang Yan rolled his eyes on the spot, disapprovingly: "More than three months to report, I will consider whether to remember his name.".
” Enron said firmly, "Oh, this time it's serious!" "When have you not been?" “…… The vampire who just came up against you. Jiang Yan is rubbing nose, smell speech movement one stops: "What?"? Are you in love online? I can tell you, Enron, it's hard to say whether it's a person or a ghost on the opposite side. If it's a big man who picks his feet, I'll sell you to the mountains and forests! "No, no!" Hearing that she almost talked about Siberia, Enron repeatedly denied it, and then said with a little pride: "I met him when I was explaining the regional friendly match last time. Do you know that he was a substitute for TG?" Jiang Yan then calmed down, "Oh." This level can be used as a substitute for TG, which is slightly ironic. Wait TG? "What are you talking about?!" Jiang Yan stood up fiercely: "It's the one I think." TG?” Enron proudly gave her a positive answer. Then The small universe in Jiang Yan's heart exploded! What's your boyfriend's name? When shall we meet? To check on you? Enron one stupefied one stupefied, the brain has not turned over, along her words: "Qin, Qin Lu song..." "Don't wait, tomorrow, come to my house, ask your man to bring some friends, both parents meet!"! Ugly daughter-in-law always wants to see her parents-in-law, I go to inform Xia Xia, that's it! Go and arrange it! Without panting, Jiang Yan threw down the phone and went straight to the kitchen. Jiang Chen, who was washing vegetables and rice, smelled the aggressive smell and slowly looked back at her. Jiang Yan threw down his big arm and drove him out: "Quick!"! The living room is all cleaned up by me, and not a speck of dust is allowed to appear! Go, go, go! One hundred percent confused Jiang Chen:?? "Now?" "I haven't eaten yet." “…… Is this abuse? Jiang Yan silent glance,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, eye color sharp. Jiang Chen: ".." Okay, I'm going. I don't know, and I'm afraid to ask. Then Jiang Yan took out his cell phone and sent a message to Xia Lingxi. ichgearmotor.com