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The magnetic levitation disk found by Yu Yiye is no different from these. The biggest difference is that when a person stands on the levitation disk, the system is powered on and generates repulsive magnetic force, even if it runs at high speed, it can stop in time without mechanical braking and is safe enough. Small footprint, fast movement, safety, environmental protection, this is what Yu Yiye wants. After the decision was made, Yu Yiye began to study the position of the cable and the track of the suspension disk. Because there is no levitation disk track in the drawing, the anti-gravity levitation disk only needs one disk, and it can run by standing on it. Drawing the track line that can reach all the buildings in the park and the laying direction of the cable on the drawing, Yu Yiye was planning to take a picture and send it to Zhou Hao so that he could set aside a place to lay cement, when a noise in the director's room interrupted her action. Xu Tefeng, you old man! Have a little tolerance?! A man of the same rank as Xu Tefeng was shouting at Xu Tefeng. However, Xu Tefeng did not care, but directly pretended not to hear and dug his ears, and continued to pretend to be deaf and dumb and look at the big screen happily. On the big screen, the exercise was over, and Wei Yutong's astute reaction saved their entire team and ensured that there was no accident on their way to the championship. The cheers of the five men resounded through the sky. They had participated in the exercise countless times. They had been defeated and fought repeatedly. Then they reflected and continued to fight. Their efforts and failures almost made them wonder if this was really the result. There was no room for them to turn over. But this time, they finally won,magnetic separator machine, although it is true that with the help of machines, but their efforts can never be denied! Looking at the happy five people face from the heart of the smile, in a leaf because of the drawings and anxious mood on the cheerful, she did all this for the purpose of happiness is not it? Wu Xin stood in the rear, looking at the side of a leaf smile, but also relaxed down, after all, before has been tight in a leaf to give people the feeling,gold shaking table, too dangerous. In the Icu intensive care unit, the old man lay quietly on the bed and fell asleep with a ventilator. Outside the ward, the woman who looked at the old man's clear voice through the glass was full of sadness. Her grandmother could not hold out for too long, but what she promised her grandmother had not been fulfilled. Please wait! Grandma, wait a minute! Tears fell silently again and happened to be seen by the secretary who came. Miss Don't cry. In this way, the old lady will be sad. The secretary did not say the last sentence, because she knew that doing so would only make the woman more sad. Wiping her tears, the woman asked, "How is it going?"? What's going on in South Korea? "The South Koreans said they would try their best to help find it, but the soldiers of the Zhi-Wan-Jun who stayed there in those years.." It's too much. It's all hastily buried. It's too hard to find. The woman's tears can not hold back, time, really too late, Grandma waited for sixty years, has been unable to wait. "Miss, gold cil machine ,tin beneficiation plant, why don't we go and find someone?" "Who can I look for?"? The country is also working hard to recover the remains of every soldier of the Willing Army, but after 60 years of changes, things have changed. How many people can you find? The woman's tears have already burst, no matter who is not easy, she really has no way. Miss, there's one more person. The secretary replied respectfully. Who "Yu Yiye." "Why her?" "Technology can change the world." …… "I want to see Yu Yiye!" At the door of the lounge, Ai Yunzhou and Wu Xin were against each other again. Sorry, boss is resting. Wu Xin resolutely carried out Yu Yiye's orders. You Otaku late night benefits, you know!!! Watch online :!! Chapter 76 can't afford to wait. Ai Yunzhou looked at Wu Xin so coldly, but Wu Xin stood in the doorway with a face of indifference, dutifully guarding. I'm going to ask her something, and even if you don't let me in, you can tell her. After several minutes of confrontation, it was Ai Yunzhou who finally lost the battle.
Wu Xin silently glanced at Ai Yunzhou, to tell the truth, really do not want to help him, from the time he was still in the blade, two people do not deal with. Every time the special forces contest, the army contest, to the end of the battle is the two of them, each time there are wins and losses, but in the end, it is still a draw. Later, there were two trump cards in the army. One of them quit the special forces and went to the security team for some unknown reasons. Everyone thought that Wu Xin admitted defeat because of this. Ai Yunzhou was the only soldier king, so Wu Xin was not pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at Ai Yunzhou. And now this boy has to brush his existence in front of his own boss?! It was fine before I came, but when I came, I was determined to be a roadblock! Ai Yunzhou is very familiar with Wu Xin's eyes, as long as there is such a look, it must be to calculate him, so see this look, Ai Yunzhou toothache. Mom, don't set me up! I'm not going to do anything! When Yu Yiye heard the noise outside the lounge and opened the door, what he saw was the expression of two people confronting each other with big eyes and small eyes. Little leaf. “boss。” The two men said in unison, and then began to stare at each other. Tut, you two stop staring. Turning to Wu Xin, he said, "Wu Xin, you go and call the five commanders to the conference room, and I will say what I should say." Wu Xin was ordered to leave, but before he left, he did not forget to stare at Ai Yunzhou. Looking at Wu Xin walking away, Ai Yunzhou looked back and asked, "I said, Xiaoye, what kind of magic soup did you give him?"? I didn't use oil and salt before. How can I defend you so much? Yu Yiye took a look at Ai Yunzhou without making a sound. He had known Ai Yunzhou for nearly two months since he saw him at the beginning. He seemed to be very close to herself, but she knew that it was all false. Ai Yunzhou had never trusted her,gold CIP machine, and she did not like him. Besides, you're still under observation, but he's not even on guard. What kind of person are you? 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com