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Wu Tianhong shook his head and said with a slight sigh, "After I broke up with you at Jianmen Pass, I made a secret search in Sichuan Province. Unexpectedly, I found the trace of Yuwen Nvping in Qionglai Mountain.". But that enchantress ear sound is too clever, and cunning already extremely, quietly secretly hit me a flying iron, immediately carrying another person, the disease fled away.. Ge Longxiang interjected hurriedly: "The old-timer should follow up!" Wu Tianhong nodded and said, "I am naturally tracking, but I dare not get too close because of the poisonous snake pulp of the Black Sky Fox.". I am ashamed to say that when I chased him to the territory of Hubei, I lost him. Helplessly, and the date of the third day of October will be the end, had to temporarily bring this flying iron. It should be noted that Jianghu is so big that it is really too difficult to find a person's hidden trace! But I always do what I say. How about another six months with me? Ge Longxiang thought that when the sword door was closed, Du Renlong just said a joke that this iron-fingered fairy had taken it as a real thing. If he was so entangled again, when would it be? And the matter of revenge, the responsibility in their own, should not be ordered to a senior figure, to run around the world! The idea was to speak out here, so he took the lead and gave a deep salute to Wu Tianhong, saying, "Although Black Sky Fox Yu Wenping has a deep enmity with the younger generation, he dares not bother the elder generation to pursue it any more. This is the end of the matter!"! As for the section of Elder Martial Brother Du, the younger generation of Wulin all admire and aspire to follow the figures of the Big Dipper of Mount Tai like the elder! But I,silk ficus tree, Younger Martial Brother Du, have been worshipped by the one-armed God of Poverty. I am a teacher for a day and a father for a lifetime. I should not learn other skills without authorization except for the orders of my teacher. The older generation enlightens the later generation, which is nothing more than teaching filial piety and loyalty, so that it will not be difficult to force others. Anonymous scanning, dragon God OCR old rain building exclusive serialization WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM The tenth chapter is the end of greed. The spirit toad's staff leads to disaster. T-xt-little-say-God. Don Wu Tianhong, with no trace of joy or anger on his face, listened quietly. He burst out laughing and said, "I know you two little devils, relying on Zhu Yihan and Liu Wufei,silk olive tree, have learned a little about the ways of the devil. You look down on me, an old man who hasn't been born for many years!"! But I have not been able to fulfill my promise in the period of time before today after the closing of the Sword Gate, and to find out the exact whereabouts of the Black Sky Fox Yu Wenping. Naturally, I will not immediately force this Du Xiaogui to learn from me. Fortunately, I heard that the Thirteen Wonders of Wulin will discuss swords at Shixin Peak of Huangshan Mountain in the Mid-Autumn Festival next year. At that time, I will join in the fun and personally ask Liu Laohuazi to let me teach his disciples for seven years. When Ge Longxiang heard that he was no longer pestering him, he was pleased. Wu Tianhong turned his eyes slightly, and the divine light and electricity shot. Ge Longxiang asked: At that time, I refused to accept the name of Zhu Yihan, who was known as the first in Wulin! But the chance is hard to match, and he has never been able to confirm each other. Since you are his disciple, it depends on the situation that you have gained a lot. His magic power to suppress Wulin and Tianxuan swordsmanship must have been ready. I want to take this opportunity to win the first prize and try to be the proud successor of Zhu Yihan. How much power does it have? But you can rest assured that the old man will never hurt you! Ge Longxiang saw that one wave was flat, and another wave was rising. Wu Tianhong refused to accept his teacher's first name in Wulin, so he wanted to fight with himself. Because Wu Tianhong talked about the prestige of his school, it was not convenient to shirk it, but he knew that with his magic power and Tianxuan's swordsmanship, artificial grass panels ,outdoor ficus tree, he was afraid that he could not defeat such famous elders.
Sword eyebrows slightly wrinkled, suddenly on the heart, neither arrogant nor humble, proudly replied: "Ge Longxiang aptitude Lu blunt, failed to live up to the teacher, the income has been extremely meager!"! But elder Wu has a destiny, how dare he shirk it? The younger generation dares to ask the elder Wu, how many strokes do you think you can win the younger generation? Wu Tianhong liked this kind of heroic young man best in his life. Seeing that Ge Longxiang had no sense of timidity and was impassioned, he even asked himself how many moves he could beat him in. Compared with Du Renlong's sharp-tongued, eccentric and tricky, he had a unique kind of heroic spirit. He also broke his heart in the dark. He nodded and said with a smile, "In the martial arts world, except for a few dozen peers, there are few people who can take over the old man's ten moves." But your master has a very high reputation, and you yourself are quite good, so Wu Tianhong will never belittle you. If you can take my twenty moves, I will admit defeat without a fight. Ge Longxiang smiled and said, "a martial arts swordsman like the elder is like a divine dragon in the sky. It's extremely difficult to meet, and it's even more difficult to ask for advice!"! Ge Longxiang doesn't want to let it go lightly. I want to double it and try my best to support it within forty strokes. Did the old-timers laugh at me for being too arrogant? When Wu Tianhong heard this, he kept silent. His eyes were full of light, and he stared at Ge Longxiang for a moment. Ge Longxiang also stood proudly, looking neither arrogant nor arrogant, nor humble! Half a day later, Wu Tianhong sighed and said, "I really don't know where Zhu Yihan and Liu Wufei found two good disciples like you."? But although the root bone is lovely, it is too crazy to speak. "My old man's forty strokes are not as small as they are. Can you really catch them?" With a straight face, Ge Longxiang replied in a defiant voice, "The elder just does what he wants to do. Ge Longxiang's school admonishes him again, that is, he is not allowed to use false language without authorization." Wu Tianhong laughed and said, "Good, good, good!"! I will not only do it, but also do my best to do it, and I will never treat you as a younger generation! He saw that although Ge Longxiang was born proud, he was extremely polite and would never go ahead, so he raised his right palm and lightly pressed it on his chest. Ge Longji glided to avoid the situation, clasped his palms to his chest, and came to the time when the younger generation of Wulin fought with the older generation to show his respect for the "boy worshipping Buddha". Wu Tianhong laughed and cried, "This set of sour rules is all free, okay?" As soon as the right palm closes, the left palm protrudes, and "waves beat the cliff", hitting Ge Longxiang's left thigh with a piece of wind from the oblique top. Ge Longxiang raised his eyebrows and said, "The younger generation obeys!" Step up twist body, right palm from bottom to top oblique turn, unexpectedly with one-armed poor God Liu Wufei in the dragon shape of the eight palms of the "dragon wagging tail." One type, hard line connection frame. This really startled Wu Tianhong. Because Ge Longxiang's flying skills were very clever when he came to power, he thought that he was using the skills of moving fast, small, soft,artificial coconut palm trees, and so on to entangle himself for 40 years, but he never expected that after the first move had done the courtesy of the younger generation, the second move would come naturally. hacartificialtree.com